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Tips to Improve Your Giving

Though there are people with an altruistic character that push them to help others, there are also some who have a more selfish character and only want to do good if it benefits them in the end. To be an effective philanthropist, you must have a giving heart that aims to help others expecting no gain. Continue reading

Tips for Living With Depression

Living with depression makes everything in life seem difficult. It also cultivates a culture of negative self-talk and self-doubt. Everything, including your normal daily activities, become a struggle. Thus, depression makes it challenging for you to handle even the simplest tasks, and you can’t help but procrastinate. Continue reading

This Hero Is Sending Thousands of Water Filters to Ukrainians

Within the Western world, the thought of going a day without fresh, easily-accessible drinking water is non-existent. Instead, we head to our kitchens, fill up a chilled glass and move on with our daily routine. Continue reading

Michele Neff: Supporting Millions of Widowed People

Widowhood for men and women is a dimension of finality. These days, there are many more widows and widowers due to a deadly pandemic, Covid, than ever before. Continue reading

Skid Row Beautician Named CNN’s Hero of the Year

Shirley Raines is the founder of Beauty 2 the Streets, a nonprofit organization that offers free grooming services to the homeless. She works primarily in the “Skid Row” area of Los Angeles, a neighborhood known for its poverty, homelessness, and other hardships. Continue reading

Michele Neff Hernandez, a hero that built a community of support

Michele Neff Hernandez is a hero who, despite losing her husband in a tragic accident, built a community of support in a way that would make him proud. A former teacher, she now writes fiction and plays in her home in Rochester, NY. Continue reading

Meet CNN’s Hero of the Year: Shirley Raines

Shirley Raines, the woman who has become a beacon of hope to women and men in Lost Angels, has been announced as the 2021 CNN Hero of the Year.  Continue reading

Lynda Doughty-When Marine Seals are in Trouble, She Gets the Call

Lynda Doughty is the heroine of Maine’s troubled seals. Lynda Doughty grew up in Coastal, Maine. Growing up, Doughty loved to spend time in the Atlantic ocean with the turtles, seals, and whales.  Continue reading

Jenifer Colpas is delivering water, power and sanitation to those who need it most

Jenifer Colpas, a Colombian farmer, has been a champion for rural communities in difficult conditions with little access to vital services. A former coffee producer, she founded a nonprofit called Agua para la Vida (water for life) that builds pipelines and brings water to remote villages in Colombia’s Antioquia region. Continue reading

Helping Colombia’s Neediest People: CNN Hero Jenifer Colpas

Jenifer Colpas saw a great deal of poverty and unjust social structures both while growing up in Barranqulla, Columbia and while working in IT in India after college. But she refused to look away and do nothing. Instead, she and her peers and friends co-founded “Tierra Grata” in 2015 to serve the rural poor in her home country. Continue reading