Tips to Improve Your Giving

tips for giving

Though there are people with an altruistic character that push them to help others, there are also some who have a more selfish character and only want to do good if it benefits them in the end. To be an effective philanthropist, you must have a giving heart that aims to help others expecting no gain.

As much as many people would like to believe that every person in this world is inherently good-hearted and will do all they can for others, there are still plenty of cases where these things aren’t true. At times one hundred percent altruism isn’t possible so being able to adapt your plans accordingly or even push them aside when necessary is vital if you want a positive impact with whatever efforts you decide upon. Some of the tips that can improve your giving impact include: 

1. Make unrestricted donations

Instead of specifying how your donation should be used, it is wise to give the organization the freedom to use it in a way they deem most beneficial. This will allow them to work more efficiently and use the cash where it’s most needed. By so doing, your giving will be more impactful. 

2. Pinpoint a Great NGO

If you are able, it is crucial to identify great NGOs that will maximize your donation. Being able to pinpoint organizations with strong track records and resources can help ensure the impact of your giving even more. 

3. Bring your family and friends on board

By forming a team within your social circle, the impact of the resources you give as a group can be much larger. You will also have more fun achieving this goal together, and the whole process can become easier as you delegate tasks among yourselves. Initiating group-giving will build a solid philanthropy legacy that will make you be remembered even when you are gone. 

tips for giving

4. Be focused

If you are going to give, make sure you know exactly what makes your cause important to you. Do not spread yourself thin trying out too many things, as this will minimize your impact and reduce the overall results of your efforts exponentially. Focus on a single issue or project and go after it with all the energy until victory is achieved. 

5. Set Goals

When you set goals to achieve during your giving, the sense of progress will give you extra motivation for working harder. Setting both short and long-term goals is important as it allows you to see how far along your journey towards philanthropy greatness.

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