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Freweini Mebrahtu’s Story

In 2019, Feweini Mebrahtu won the 2019 CNN Hero of the Year award for her work in helping girls in Ethiopia and other nonwestern countries have access to sanitary supplies. The award came with a $100,000 prize to help her in her quest to keep girls in school by making sure they have the sanitary pads they need. Continue reading

Environment Conservation In Bali

Rice Heroes is an NGO providing aid in the form of rice to various organizations worldwide, focusing on the need for solidarity in times of crisis. Bali’s economy is now boosted by the tourism which Bali receives. Continue reading

Dr. Patricia Gordon Saving Lives In Isolated Areas

Dr. Patricia Gordon, a hero working to bring life-saving treatment to isolated areas, is profiled in this article. Her main task is to establish and expand medical clinics in disaster-stricken areas worldwide, where she treats chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension. Continue reading

CNN Hero’s offer of rice inspired people in Bali to collect tons of plastic for recycling

Bali is a country known for its vast tourist attraction sites. During the Covid 19 Pandemic, the tourism sector was greatly affected, which made many residents lose their jobs and go back to their local villages. Continue reading

After Fleeing Their House from Ukraine, This Hero Helped Making Their New Home in Poland

The ongoing war in Ukraine has left the country without clear leadership, law and order, human rights, or security. The war has led to an increase in refugees. More than 3 million people have sought refuge outside their country’s borders, and still, 1.7 million internally displaced persons have been left in Ukraine. Continue reading

A mentorship program that helps students with learning differences

Mentors are responsible for guiding and teaching someone who they deem to be more inexperienced, usually in the professional world. Today, mentors can also be found working with students in schools and universities on things such as career development or academic success. Continue reading

Everyday Heroes Encourage Hope

Mechanic Alex LeVesque is the founder of Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG), a non-profit foundation that has been helping former troubled youths turn their lives around since its inception in 2007. Continue reading

Hero Spotlight: Edgar Mora | Plastic Upcycler

Edgar Mora has helmed Ecuaplastic, an Ecuadorian plastic recycling plant, since its inception in 2009. The company specializes in the creation of construction materials, with the mission of giving a second life to plastic waste and transforming it into high quality items. Continue reading

Hero Spotlight: Rodrigo Pacheco

Rodrigo Pacheco is a culinary celebrity who cares more about revitalizing the environment than cashing in on his fame. Continue reading

Mentor To Trouble Youths

Alex LeVesque created the Automotive Mentoring Group (AMG) to counter troublesome street activity that affects the lives of countless teenagers in Chicago, Illinois. His non-profit assists former youth offenders from all over the city, by teaching them the life and work skills required to stay off the streets and become auto mechanics. Continue reading