This Hero Is Sending Thousands of Water Filters to Ukrainians

Doc Hendley

Within the Western world, the thought of going a day without fresh, easily-accessible drinking water is non-existent. Instead, we head to our kitchens, fill up a chilled glass and move on with our daily routine.

For Ukrainians dealing with the Russian invasion, this is a dream they can only hope to attain. Instead, they rely on homemade rain collectors to hydrate themselves and restore energy during the ongoing conflicts with their neighbors to the east.

However, one man, Doc Hendley, aims to put quality drinking water back into the lives of Ukrainians suffering in silence. If you’re unfamiliar with Doc Hendley and his motivations, here’s what you need to know.

Who Is Doc Hendley and What Do We Need to Know About the Ukrainian Problem?

Doc Hendley is, without a doubt, a Ukrainian war hero who deserves the praise he receives. Hendley runs a non-profit organization called Wine to Water that, in a general sense, helps individuals restore normality to their war-torn lives.

To counteract the negative effects of the Russian invasion, Wine to Water sent 12,000 filters to purify water for Ukrainians who are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The philosophy behind Hendley and Wine to Water’s filters is simple: give citizens and military personnel a device that’s compact, easy to use, highly effective and doesn’t weigh the user down in physical situations.

Doc Hendley

With Ukrainians relying on unsanitized and unsavory water sources to quench their thirst and combat dehydration, Hendley fears the worst. “They end up trying to take water from unsafe sources. It’s going to give them diarrhea and dehydrate them faster,” Hendley stated while discussing the conflict.

On a personal note, Hendley strives to provide access to basic amenities that we take for granted in first-world countries. Although his goal in 2022 focuses primarily on the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, his history of helping others in South Africa, Kenya, Cambodia, and Uganda makes him a man to be admired.

Help Others to Help Yourself

Hendley’s life mission is easy to understand: help others, and, in turn, you can help yourself. Oftentimes, we see people pursue individualistic goals and endeavors without looking outwardly at the people around them.

After years of chipping away at their goals and aspirations, they discover a profound truth: helping others is the only way to attain massive success. Hendley seeks to lend a helping hand to those in need rather than turning inward and aiming for greed-based achievements. For this reason, we can see why Hendley has earned his title of “Ukrainian war hero.”

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