CNN Hero’s offer of rice inspired people in Bali to collect tons of plastic for recycling

Bali Hero

Bali is a country known for its vast tourist attraction sites. During the Covid 19 Pandemic, the tourism sector was greatly affected, which made many residents lose their jobs and go back to their local villages.

On seeing how waste was piling up in the environment, Janur Yasa became aware of the threat to the environment. So he started a recycling center, and with time he also began to educate and guide the people of his village on the importance of keeping their environment clean. This act elevated him as a role model in his community. He also felt the urge to help members of his community during those hard times of the pandemic.

Janur Yasa initiated a program where he collected plastic from the members of his community, and in return, he gave them rice to feed their families. The project gave hope to many residents, for they were now able to put something on their tables.

Bali Hero

The program spread across Bali, and thousands of families benefited from the program. They educated residents on separating plastics and the dangers caused by plastics to the environment. The collected plastic was sent to Java for recycling as there was no recycling plant yet in Bali. The residents received rice according to the type of plastics they collected. The rice they receive is purchased from the local farmers, so it’s a double win for them.

He stated that Balis residents are generous people and that they believe that three ways to achieve happiness are dignity, prosperity, and human connection with the environment. The residents of Bali traditionally believe that nature is a soul, and Yasa insists they must change their behavior to keep their environment clean. Janur Yasa is dedicated to teaching the residents of Bali the importance of protecting their environment and educating them on how to avoid harming themselves.

He also involved the youth of his village in his recycling process and taught them about the environment while they worked together. “When your job is not stable, it makes you feel unstable too,” says Yasa. “If there’s no work, it’s not good for you. But when you have something to do, it creates a sense of confidence.

Janur Yasa is the epitome of determination and courage for his country in the face of adversity. The CNN hero award would be an honor to him and his colleagues under this project.

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