After Fleeing Their House from Ukraine, This Hero Helped Making Their New Home in Poland


The ongoing war in Ukraine has left the country without clear leadership, law and order, human rights, or security. The war has led to an increase in refugees. More than 3 million people have sought refuge outside their country’s borders, and still, 1.7 million internally displaced persons have been left in Ukraine.

There is an urgent need for humanitarian assistance in regions no longer under government. Through this, a Ukraine war hero sought to offer his assistance. The following information explains more about him and how he achieves his humanitarian work.

Aaron Jackson is the founder of Planting Peace, a humanitarian, a 2007 CNN hero, and a non-profit environmental specialist. He immediately left his home in Florida when he read news about Ukrainian refugees sleeping on a train. He settled in an area near the border of Poland and Ukraine.

When he visited Poland, he saw the severe consequences of war. Families had to leave their homes while others had to separate from their loved ones. The weather was absolutely cold. He immediately began to devise ways of helping the refugees secure an emergency house plan.

He spotted a young girl playing as he walked near the Krakovets border crossing. With the help of a translator, he got to learn more about the girl. The parents were of Congo origin and had lived in Ukraine for twelve years.


They had left their home after a bomb fell near their home. They had to leave everything behind and flee to the border. They had to walk about 40 miles because they failed to get a taxi because of the heavy traffic. The young girl was carried on their back for most of their journey.

Jackson had to immediately book a hotel room for the family as he searched for permanent housing. He was inspired by how they did their best to preserve their lives. He finally found an apartment in Krakow, Poland.

He used donations to his organization to pay the year’s rent. He also ensured that they had funds for food and necessities. He saw that they would give them time to find their bearing and stand on their feet again.

The daughter was very happy when they moved into their new home. The dad was very grateful to Jackson and Planting Peace. He had hopes that other people will have the kindness to help refugees. Jackson was very happy and satisfied that he had helped the family. He continues with his initiative to help refugees in Poland.

War is indeed a nightmare. It mostly lives one homeless without any option but to ask for help. We should all learn to act with kindness and help those in crisis whenever possible. We need more people like the Ukraine war hero.

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