Environment Conservation In Bali

environmental conservation

Rice Heroes is an NGO providing aid in the form of rice to various organizations worldwide, focusing on the need for solidarity in times of crisis. Bali’s economy is now boosted by the tourism which Bali receives.

With this influx of tourists, there are a lot of challenges that need to be solved. Currently, there is a growing and an increasing number of tourists picking up goods on their way to other areas or locations. These visitors bring goods with them, which they either don’t need or have access to.

A few times, we have seen these tourists drop off these goods at the market or in an area where they can be recycled and sold for money to be used for the locals’ needs. This has led many people surrounding Bali to ask for help with their rubbish wastes to recycle and sell what waste materials they can.

environmental conservation

In the Bali region, there has been a steady increase in waste, especially plastic scraps. This waste is caused by government officials and business people not doing their parts to see that their waste disposal is taken care of, which leads to the environment becoming polluted with non-biodegradable materials like plastic.

Plastic absorbs harmful chemicals from the water and soil, which fish then absorb; other creatures in the ocean then eat these fish. The result is the death of these animals due to cancerous cells forming. This problem is not only limited to Bali, as many developing countries are experiencing the same thing.

Rice Heroes has started its initiative to take care of the plastic waste in the Bali region, where they are accepting plastic in exchange for rice. Many types of plastic can be recycled and reused, such as plastic bottles, used oil, and food packaging.

These materials are harmful to ocean pollution and marine life, but they are still beneficial when used correctly. Rice Heroes recycles these wastes and gives them out to the people who need them within Bali. This opportunity allows rice heroes to give these people a hand up to continue in their lives.

Rice Heroes’ main aim is to provide communities with a way to earn an income. This income allows the people of Bali to work as they pursue their own social and economic status. The results of this action are less poverty, more education, increased health care, and higher quality of life in general.

These results have been seen in the implementation of this program. The recipients have been able to build sustainable businesses, including selling the recycled materials they receive from their generous donations worldwide. These donations also support health care needs, like paying for medical bills, medicine, or hospital expenses.

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